Rental Conditions

There are two levels of rental access to Reflex Letterpress. One can rent the Press for a single day for $60, or may purchase Press memberships for a specific time. Membership at Reflex Letterpress is $120 per month, or $300 for three months.

Daily rentals will be approved upon proper vetting of the person renting. The Press will be opened for the renter, who will receive a key to lock the studio upon leaving. Renters will leave the key in a locked dropbox outside the studio once their time is complete. Failure to return the key will result in a $50 charge on top of the daily rental fee and possible revocation of rental privileges.

Members will be provided a key to the front door of the Stove Factory building. Keys to the second floor studio area and to Reflex Letterpress itself are in a coded lockbox located in the second floor landing. Members in good standing will have the code to access this lockbox. This code may change at any time. Members in good standing will be notified of any changes to this code. Members must lock all doors and return the second floor studio and Reflex Letterpress keys to the lockbox upon completion of rental. Failure to return keys or leaving any door unlocked will result in a $50 fine and possible revocation of rental privileges, with no refunds for unused time.

Members must be vetted in the print studio for competency and appropriate studio practices. Members may be required to take a class in studio practices prior to gaining access. Members must follow all posted safety and equipment guidelines. Members must leave Reflex Letterpress in a clean and usable condition after their rental session. Members may store type and items in labelled galley trays for later use. Members must follow all directions given by the Pressmaster, if present. In order to prevent schedule conflicts with other members, members must book times on the Reflex Letterpress website, using this form. In the case of a scheduling conflict, the member who has appropriately scheduled the conflicting time will be given precedence. Members should treat all interactions with other members, the Pressmaster, and any other inhabitants of the Stove Factory building with professionalism and civility. Members may only have one guest with them for any rental session. Guests must be 18 years or older. In the absence of the Pressmaster, only members and their guests are to be in the print studio, and only members are allowed to handle the studio equipment. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may result in revocation of rental privileges, with no refunds for unused time.