New Type Has Been Distributed!

Finally had the time and job cases to distribute all the type I’d gotten in over the last couple months. Here are some shots of the faces and process. The new type includes:

Goudy Heavyface 48pt
Century Schoolbook Italic 18pt
Typewriter 12pt (monospaced)
Airport Black 48pt
Airport Black 36pt
Airport Black 30pt
Airport Black 24pt
Bodoni Extra Bold Condensed (wood)
DeVinne (wood)

More Metal Type

I probably have too much metal type in the library now, but this particular chunk of lead was available for a steal, so I decided to jump on it. It’s Goudy Heavyface, a nice black titling font. Incidentally, I’ve always wondered how Goudy pronounced his name, so I looked it up: it’s “Goudy” with the “ou” pronounced as in “out”. The more you know!

Of course, there are plenty of people out there for whom the phrase “too much type” does not actually parse as a valid English sentence.

More stuff from the MIT IAP class…

Quick shot of some of the excellent work printed last week, if you’re not already following the Instagram. We may be setting up an exhibit of the work produced in an MIT space, I’ll keep you posted about that. It’s also possible we’ll be doing more stuff for MIT. : )

Organization Begins…

It’s been a wild six months, and some of the early organizing decisions are starting to shake out after enough time using the space. I covered the window, put up shelving, and pulled the industrial shelf out and set it on casters. This looks like a good start!

Ahoy Me Mateys!

Got more ornaments in, got more tympans in, got more Airport Black in. Lots of stuff came in over the holidays! Once nice thing, a skull and crossbones ornament suitable for your piratical printing needs

Next on the agenda — finding cases to put 40 pounds of Airport Black in various sizes. Here’s all the boxes it took to get it to me:

In the next couple weeks I’ll be putting up shelves and rearranging a bit to see if we can squeeze everything plus the Golding Jobber 7 into a more harmonious arrangement!

Fun Stuff — Hebrew Letters and Rental Prep

Last weekend was a great time at Reflex, we had a prep class for people interested in renting the space, and workshop with a Jewish congregation to print the antique Hebrew wood type they have. Just a couple of pics of the festivities.

Golding Jobber 7 in the Press

Some pics from Friday, when we moved in a Golding Jobber No 7 platen press. This will be used for production and classes, but first needs to be motorized and tweaked.

Stove Factory Open Studios

Last week was the first weekend, and this week is the last weekend, for the Stove Factory Open Studios in Charlestown, at 523 Medford St. There’s art in the gallery downstairs, and I’ll be teaching classes on Saturday and having a guest artist staffing the space on Sunday. Here are some pics from last weekend!

Stove Factory Open Studios This Weekend and Next

Just a quick note to remind everyone that the Stove Factory building in Charlestown, 523 Medford Street, is having Open Studios both this Saturday and Sunday and next Saturday and Sunday. Come out to see the members’ show in the gallery, and come up to the second floor to check out Reflex Letterpress and other artists’ studios!