Blackletter Achievement Unlocked!

I was able to get all three sizes of Engraver’s Old English Text — 12, 24 and 48pt. After the auction ended on eBay, the seller contacted me to let me know he also had 60, 42 and 18pt available. Far from just having the token blackletter, I may have a nice set of sizes to choose from!

Pic of the 24pt, although it doesn’t look much different than the others digitally. : )

Attempted Blackletter Acquisition

I’ve always said a letterpress shop needs a good blackletter — or “Germanic” or “gothic” to some people — and I might be able to acquire a set of Engraver’s Old English Text in a cascade of sizes. The 12pt already arrived, I’m waiting to bid on a font of 24pt, and there’s a 48pt waiting for me at Skyline’s miscellaneous fonts store. Here’s a pic of the 12pt:

And a pic of the 48pt: